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Shift Happens: 

Breakdowns During Life's Long Hauls

"... an emotionally loaded intuitive memoir and a rip-roaring American road story in the Jack Kerouac tradition — one with a valiant protagonist that readers will root for."  Kirkus Review, February 2019

Chapter 30 
New York City
 Gassed Tomatoes 
Writers' Digest Contest Review
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A Humboldt County Novel

Eleanor and Tom, new to Humboldt County, unwittingly run into an illegal marijuana grow while exploring the back roads on a Sunday afternoon.  Tom is shot and Eleanor, seven months pregnant, escapes with Madeleine, her 5-year-old daughter, only to become lost deep in the wilderness off State Route 3.

Can Search and Rescue (SAR) teams track Eleanor and Madeleine through the farmers' elaborate efforts to conceal the shooting?  Isabel believes Woody picked up Eleanor's scent and no matter the cost, intends to find the mother and daughter before it's too late.

I loved it!!!  A true page turner.  It reads like a movie.  I can't wait to recommend it to all. — Joe Doherty

Baobab Tree:

Collected Poems 1970-2020

Watch the mood go up and down, up and down, up and down.

If there was ever a doubt (and I had plenty) about my having a bipolar disorder/mental illness, there is none... after seeing the whole of Baobab Tree.

One must walk out of the flame before analyzing the fire.  I could never see the forest for all the trees.

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