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At twenty-six, Margot Genger, after trying to prevent World War III, landed in a locked facility for the insane. She'd wrecked her teaching career the year before and ruined her marriage the year before that. Humiliated, her reputation shattered, she left her small home town to become a longhaul truck driver.

For fourteen months she lived with eleven different driving partners while battling her bipolar I disorder and trying to stay sober.  Pitted against weather, breakdowns, robberies, and characters — both kind and unsavory— Margot battled her demons, honed her strengths, and came to learn the meaning of home.

"... an emotionally loaded intuitive memoir and a rip-roaring American road story in the Jack Kerouac tradition — one with a valiant protagonist that readers will root for."  Kirkus Review, February 2019

Chapter 30 
New York City
 Gassed Tomatoes 
Writers' Digest Contest Review
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