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Margot Jarvis Genger - Poet, videographer, teacher, truck driver, wife, and mother of two.  Previously, her poems were published in The North Coast View,  HSU Toyon, California Association for the Gifted Quarterly,  and also appeared in her chapbooks; Before Waterfalls and Middle Chapter.

Shift Happens — Breakdowns During Life's Long Hauls is her debut full length memoir.  Missing: A Humboldt County Novel is her debut novel.

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I'm only funny by accident.  I can't tell a joke.  According to my daughter, I'm as deep as the Marianas Trench, she is just a puddle, and my husband is mist.  Does that make my son rain?  The gift is that we can still connect.   My husband is my rock and my children are my pride.

I've worked as a dishwasher, prep cook, cleaning woman, cashier, waitress, secretary, bookkeeper, bar maid, teacher, photographer, and of course, a truck driver.  I've parachuted out of an airplane. 

I'm bipolar.  In my thirty's I wrote an epitaph on the back of my chapbook of poems, "Here lies Margot Jarvis.  She lived inside her head and wrote poems of suffering." 

Once I left my family for five weeks, attempting to discover who I was, and learned what I already knew, that I was lonely.   I am not lonely now.  Sometimes, you'll find me on Tuesday nights at Word Humboldt, where I share my poems right along with the young folks sharing theirs.  But mostly, you'll find me at home, gardening, creating mosaics with rocks, and of course, writing.  Call first.

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