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Erikka's painting.jpg

The first in a series of paintings by Erikka Ingebretsen 

I'm looking forward to seeing more as they are completed.  Enjoyed having her explain what this painting means to her.  What does it mean to you? 

Matthew's whale sculpture 10-2019.jpg
Matthews crab.jpg

Carvings by Matthew Aldinger

The carving below is tiny! Somewhere near the size of a quarter or half dollar! It's a bee, and I hope we can get to look at more angles of this little guy soon. The frog is my personal favorite. I wonder how big it is?

Matthew's frog.jpg
Matthews bee.jpg

What a treat to learn a little bit about Matthew's creative process and get to see and share his art. 

The fellowship is amazing.

Paintings by Sheila Nelson

How long ago were these posted?  I just saw her latest work.  Tiny!  On long, round, wood!  Amazing.  No pictures yet.

Top: Sandy Savage

Far Left: Cynthia Julian Bottom Right: John Raven

Sandy Savage's photo of Iva

Cynthia !

Robby Jarvis Lamoreux  See more of his work at

Cynthia Julian's  Ladybug

John Raven   See more of his work at

John Raven
Chris Beam
Banjo made from found parts.
Esme's Baby Quilt
Theo's Quilt
Tyler's Quilt
Audrey Stone
Robby Jarvis Lamoreux
Sheila Nelson
Carla Simpson
Rebecca Throne Gillette
Cynthia Dean Julian

To see more of Cynthia's work, go to

Randy McHone
Sophie Vyborny
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