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In 2012, North Coast Honor Flight took 92 WWII veterans to Washington D.C. to view their memorial.  I had the pleasure of interviewing 37 veterans, video taping their trip, and producing this documentary.  You can find the four part series in Access Humboldt's archives at the following address.

The homecoming for the vets was so crowded it literally took three hours to get out of the McKinleyville Airport's parking lot.  The trip was so life changing we didn't even care!

Students from all over the county wrote letters to the vets, which they received on the flight home.

Tom Read, North Coast Aikido

Gray Sky

Over a thousand people have watched my Aikido video on You Tube.  Several of you have expressed an interest.  Tom Read, Northcoast Aikido's Sensei narrates.  Robert Ekholdt demonstrates Aikibojitsu.  

Thailand Vacation Clips

Bicycle Helmet Safety

I taught video productions at Zane Middle School.  One year, I took video of Hal's and my trip to Thailand and had students use the clips to make a documentary about rice production in the rural communities.  This video includes clips that my students didn't use (I'm in them) and my favorite part is near the end when this tiny woman calms a huge ox by inserting her finger in his anus.  Thrilling. 

My students at Zane Middle School made 30 second public service announcements.  This bicycle helmet safety commercial , made in 2008 was my all time favorite.  I thought it was so cool that our multi-cultural school (and my classroom) had so many English as a second language learners.  Ironically, the local channels would not air this commercial because of all the different languages.... even though these kids were all local kids!

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