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The author shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of coming to terms with her life—her childhood, mental illness, and substance abuse—through her class and gender defying choice to work as a truck driver. The cross country setting of the book is alluring and intriguing, giving the reader the highs and lows that come with a road trip. The pace of the narrative befits the ups and downs of healing and the starts and stops of life on the road. The date stamps keep the reader oriented in time, and the narration keeps the story oriented within the strong narrative arc of the author’s life. The author is open, raw, and humble in offering her story—a generous gift to readers, particularly those who are also trying to make sense of their lives. The author’s voice, from the very first page, is compelling, honest, and irreverent—all of which invites readers into her story and keeps them moving forward page after page. The cover is well designed and conveys the tone and topic of the book. The interior page layout feels about crowded. A quick, inviting summary of the book would be a welcome addition to the accolades on the back panel. 

—Judge, 25th annual Writers’ Digest Self Published Book awards.

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